Job Interview Do's and Don'ts

By admin on 2015-07-02 18:25:00

Most job seekers feel a tremendous amount of stress over the interview process. That's only natural because interviews weigh heavily in the factors considered by hiring managers. Keep these do's and don'ts in mind to make your next interview your most successful one yet.


Do Be on Time – Punctuality definitely counts when it comes to int ... Read More

Tips for Becoming Indispensable to Your Employer

By admin on 2015-07-01 23:05:41

Not long ago workers used to find an employer and stick with it, sometimes for the entire length of their career. Their title might change and they might even move to a new city, but they knew that their loyalty would be repaid with steady employment. That kind of job security is a rare thing these days. Most people expect to switch employers several times in the course of their professional li ... Read More

Social Media Do's and Don'ts for the Job Seeker

By admin on 2015-07-01 23:01:29

Social media has invaded every part of life. Many people have at least a Facebook profile and a professional profile on LinkedIn. There's also Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more. Depending upon how they are used these social media platforms can either help with or utterly destroy your efforts to find employment. Take a look at these important do's and don'ts to ensure that everything you post ... Read More

Skeptical About Recruiters?

By admin on 2015-06-17 21:36:32

If you're looking for a job today, then you've probably made use of a number of resources. You've spent time on numerous websites where companies post open positions and you've even posted your resume where it can be seen by hiring managers in your field. Still, you haven't lined up any interviews, and there doesn't appear to be many open positions. It's an enormously frustrating situation, an ... Read More

Why Use a Staffing Agency?

By admin on 2015-06-13 17:43:26

A well composed professional resume deserves no less than the best possible staffing agency to promote job skills, experience and education. This is the most important reason to use a staffing agency. There are other reasons, as well that include:

  • Assistance with interviewing skills
  • Ready access to the most current job postings
  • A finely honed process that matc ... Read More