Social Media Do's and Don'ts for the Job Seeker

By admin on 2015-07-01 23:01:29

Social media has invaded every part of life. Many people have at least a Facebook profile and a professional profile on LinkedIn. There's also Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more. Depending upon how they are used these social media platforms can either help with or utterly destroy your efforts to find employment. Take a look at these important do's and don'ts to ensure that everything you post is more likely to enhance your professional reputation.



Don't Rant – It's always upsetting when your favorite team loses or an election doesn't go the way you want it to. You may feel better after venting your frustrations on social media, but think twice before doing so. A growing number of employers are looking at your social media accounts to get a clearer picture of who you are. If your posts make it sound like you fly off the handle pretty easily, a potential employer may decide that they need someone who's cooler under pressure.

Don't Make Negative Posts Related to Work – Everyone feels the need to complain about their boss occasionally. You almost wouldn't be human if you didn't. However, it's important to share those complaints with your friends at happy hour or with your spouse in the privacy of your own home. Keep those complaints off of social media where they can live forever and reflect negatively on you. Bad mouthing a current employer can easily scare off a potential employer.

Don't Advertise Your Availability – Unless you are currently unemployed it's probably advisable to keep your job seeking status out of your online life. It's just too easy for your current employer to stumble across your resume, causing them to kick you out the door before you've got another position lined up. Talk to a staffing agency about advertising your availability in a safe and appropriate way.



Do Make Updates – Make certain that your LinkedIn profile is updated with all of your pertinent skills and experience. Include a sharp, professional photograph that is suitable for your career aspirations. Definitely do not post a picture that would look more appropriate on a dating website.

Do Be Aware of Your Posts – Excessive social media use can be annoying. No one really needs to know what you have for lunch every day or how angry you are about the driver who just cut you off. Keep your posts to a minimum and try to make them meaningful. This demonstrates to employers that your social media activities aren't likely to prove a distraction when you're supposed to be working for them.

Do Think Before You Post – Remember that even deleted posts have the ability to "live forever" in the digital world. Another person's screen grab of your post can survive for eternity. Pause for a moment before making each post. Consider whether or not what you have written could be viewed negatively by a potential employer. It's almost always better not to post than to post something that could cost you a wonderful opportunity.