Job Interview Do's and Don'ts

By admin on 2015-07-02 18:25:00

Most job seekers feel a tremendous amount of stress over the interview process. That's only natural because interviews weigh heavily in the factors considered by hiring managers. Keep these do's and don'ts in mind to make your next interview your most successful one yet.


Do Be on Time – Punctuality definitely counts when it comes to interviews. You'll want to check in about 10-15 minutes before your appointed interview time. Be any earlier, and you risk an awkward wait in reception. If you're later than this, you may feel rushed and frantic when you should feel calm and collected.

Do Be Prepared – If you're working with a staffing agency, they'll help you get familiar with the organization where you're interviewing. At a minimum you'll need to know the company's name and their line of business. Visit their website to see what else you can learn. Knowing how long they've been in business and where their satellite offices are located can be interesting tidbits to drop during the interview if you're asked what you know about the organization.

Do Dress the Part – When it comes to job interviews, appearance matters. Strive for clean, freshly pressed clothing and nice shoes that are in good repair. Hair should be neat, and so should the hands. Being fashionable isn't necessarily important as long as you make certain that you are well groomed and put together neatly. If you get hired, you'll be representing the organization and hiring personnel need to see that you'll reflect positively on their reputation.

Do Ask Questions – When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, your answer is always yes. Be prepared with at least two or three questions that will help you understand the job, its position within the company and any other pertinent facts. Asking questions shows that you are genuinely interested in the job and want to know more.


Don't Get Lost – Too many applicants show up late in a frenzied rush because they got lost on the way to the interview. Do a practice run a few days before the interview to make certain you know where the office is located and how long it takes to get there.

Don't Forget Body Language – Even if you're just waiting in reception, remember that it's possible you're being observed. Utilize good posture and resist the urge to fidget. Try to project an air of calm and professionalism even when you're nervous. 

Don't Be Too Casual – Never chew gum or smoke during an interview. Refrain from making jokes and using slang. Leave your cell phone in your car or, if you must have it with you, put it on silence and utterly ignore it throughout the interview. 

Don't Be Too Interested in Salary – Leave the discussion of salary and benefits for the second interview or if an offer is made. If the interviewer brings up these topics, it's all right to discuss them, but try not to make it seem as if these are your main concerns.